Developed over 10 years by our Founder, Vicki Anstey, and Olympic Physiotherapist Katherine Ready, the course materials are tried and tested, with a vast repertoire that you will learn and be able to deliver to clients of all levels from complete novice, to an advanced level of ability.

What the course covers:

  • Background to the methodology
  • Application of Anatomy & Physiology specific to barre exercise
  • Best practice in cueing, demonstration, adjustments, modifications, use of language
  • A vast array of proven barre exercises & techniques
  • The opportunity to practice and perfect your teaching in a live Studio environment

What you will get upon certification:

  • Professional recognition in a rapidly growing market
  • Access to the longest-standing and most unique barre methodology on the market
  • A ‘toolbox’ of best practice skills to enable you to create your own brand, class and style of teaching
  • Reassurance that you know how to provide safe, proficient and effective barre instruction to the public
  • On-going support from a community of The Barre Collective Instructors
  • Invitation to study additional modules with us, continue your barre education and specialise in pregnancy & injury modification, use of small equipment and hands-on adjustments.
  • The chance to become a Barre Collective Affiliate Instructor and remain part of the highly experienced Barre Collectvie community of teachers.


  • Prerequisites: PT, Pilates, Yoga or Dance qualification
  • All candidates must complete a minimum of 5 Workouts at our Richmond Studio, OR 5 Online Workouts via The Barre Collective website.


  • Multiple Choice Theory Assessment (during the attended course)
  • A 3 month period of Practical Assessment via on-going ‘supervised teaching’ at the Studio, or feedback to video submission, plus a one hour assessed Practical Class.
  • Beyond the immersive 2-day workshop, this on-going support and feedback ensures you receive individual support and coaching while practise-teaching and the reassurance that you can safely and expertly deliver your own classes when certified.

Awarding Organisation: