We have listed below the questions we have been most frequently asked about the public side of the PD:Portal. Endorsed providers can also refer to our Endorsed Providers Guide to the PD:Portal for guidance on how to manage their details.

What if I am not an endorsed provider?

If you haven’t gained endorsement from PD:Approval you won’t be able to promote your training on this site. Contact us at enquiries@pdapproval.com to find out about our products and process.

Why doesn’t my training appear when I put the title in the keyword search?

The keyword searches for text in the main body of your training, not in the title. Pick a keyword that is in your text and your training will appear in the list of results.

Why isn’t my training provider name appearing under the Training Provider filter?

There could be a number of reasons for this – if you have some approved training it may be that your endorsement has expired so contact the Endorsement Team on 0333 577 0908 to check. If you are newly registered it could be that you haven’t had any training approved yet – your training provider name will only appear if you have a published programme. If it is none of these, get in touch and let us know.

How do I find all my programmes?

Select your name in the Training Provider filter and all your programmes will appear.

How do I find my Training Provider details?

Select your name in the Training Provider filter and all your programmes will appear. Select one of the programmes then click on the link to your Training Provider details at the bottom of the page.

The title or text in my published information is incorrect

You need to login to your account and amend the text so it is correct, then submit it for approval. If you wish to change the nature of the programme or the title please call the PD:Approval team first on 0333 577 0908.

Do I need to clear my search criteria to find another programme?

You need to reset after each search, either using the Reset Button at the bottom of the filters or by refreshing the page with your F5 keyboard button.

Who manages reviews left by learners about my training?

PD:Approval moderates all reviews left by learners and you will be able to see them under your Review tab in your account. We will not publish anything that is derogatory or in any way offensive. There is currently no option for you to answer the reviews.

Can learners leave comments?

Yes, you have the option to allow comments to be left on your training provider page (this defaults to Yes in your admin area, so if you don’t want the comments facility for your learners change it to No). Comments are moderated in the same way as reviews.

Can I upload qualifications that are online?

All qualifications on the RQF that are accredited by awarding organisations can be submitted for approval. However, where there is a requirement for a practical assessment, the minimum parameters for qualifications that are delivered online are:


At least one full day workshop to deliver the practical element of the qualification and an observed assessment


20 hours work experience with a REPs professional in a gym setting with a portfolio of evidence signed off by the gym manager, verified at each stage by the training provider.

If your online qualifications do not meet either of these minimum criteria, they will not be recognised by REPs and will not be approved as part of your endorsement.

What’s the importance of the Awarding Organisation information in the course details?

This is to help learners understand the difference between CPD and qualifications. Where the training is not accredited by an awarding organisation, this field is NA (Not Applicable).

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

If you have any problems using our system or have a question which is not answered here, give us a call on 0333 577 0908 or email pdp@pdapproval.com.