This CPD will include a wider variety of advanced training systems than the core 13 that are taught within the Level 3 Personal Trainer courseThe advanced training systems covered in this CPD are:

  1. Jump Sets
  2. Peripheral Heart Action
  3. Escalating Density Training
  4. Rest-Pause Sets
  5. Tabata
  6. Partial Sets
  7. Cluster Sets
  8. Complex Training
  9. Strip Sets
  10. Rep Targeting

Advanced training systems are a great tool to promote progression within your clients’ program when implemented effectively. Traditional resistance training follows a set structure of reps, sets, weight, based on the percentage of 1 rep max (%1RM) and rest that is determined by the training aim.  However, advanced training systems can alter these set structures as a way of progressing once a plateau has set in. If overused, however, they can lead to neuromuscular fatigue due to overtraining and therefore should be used sparingly. Some of the ways Advanced Training Systems can lead to progression are as follows:

  • Performing the same amount of work in a more time-efficient manner
  • Increasing the total volume of the workout thus promoting muscle hypertrophy/endurance
  • Strengthen areas of weakness within a certain movement
  • Providing some variety to your training thus promoting adherence


Level 3 or Level 4 EQF (REPs Ireland) in personal training


Informal – A timed online multiple-choice exam

Awarding Organisation: