In this workshop you will learn how to effectively use the higher Power training zones on the bike to improve power output, truly increase metabolism and EPOC, and burn more body fat. This 30 – 45 minutes Watts Up class design will have your riders coming back for more as they see real progress and real results!

We start the workshop with a 1-hour presentation, explaining who and why individuals should train in the higher Power zones. To experience the benefits of Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption we need to be training at the correct intensity and the way we measure this is through Power. We then deliver a 45 minutes High Power Performance class; which will challenge the candidates to produce maximum power but also enable the candidates to discover how much recovery is needed to maintain this intensity. We end the session by giving opportunities for questions and learning and to give out handouts for the session.   

Aims of Outcomes 

  1. Understand why we train in the Higher Power zones and who uses it.
  2. Understand the benefits of training in these Zones and discussing EPOC.
  3. An understanding of teaching with Power to make sure the right intensity is reached.
  4. Giving the tools and ideas on how as an instructor you can teach a High Power Performance class.


EQF L3 Fitness Instructor (REPs Ireland) plus Indoor Cyling qualification



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