Podcasting is the new blogging! The Podcasting Master Class will guide you through the steps involved in creating, launching and monetising your podcast. Learn why you should be incorporating a Podcast into your marketing strategy, how you can use it to create raving fans and an extra revenue stream.


Learn how to set up, edit and launch your own podcast. We also delve into ways in which you can monetise your podcast and create an added revenue stream.

The Podcasting Master Class includes the following modules:

Module 1: Why Start a Podcast, here we run through the fundamentals of podcasting and why you should be adding a podcast to your marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond

Module 2: Create a podcast Strategy, in this module we help you plan you podcast strategy so you know who your customers are and what they want to hear about

Module 3: Create Great Content, in module 3 we talk about creating AWESOME content to ensure your customers leave wanting more!

Module 4: Recording Your Podcast, we run through tips to ensure you can record great audio from anywhere.

Module 5: Edit your Podcast, here we show you how to use software to edit your podcast effectively

Module 6: Prepare & Host your podcast on a range of platforms. within this module we discuss how to prepare your files for hosting and what free hosting means to your content ownership

Module 7: Getting your podcast onto platforms, preparation is key to ensure your launching strategy is executed smoothly

Module 8: Launching your podcast, here we discuss platforms and execute the launch of your podcast effectively

Module 9: Monetize your Podcast, let’s face it time is money and here is where we can help you find ways to make money from your knowledge through an awesome podcast!


Level 2


Short Answer Questions & submission of Case Study to be marked.

Awarding Organisation: