The small stability ball is a versatile piece of equipment which is inexpensive and fun, providing variety and challenge to your group sessions. This practical course will cover a range of exercises from beginner to advanced, which will help your clients improve their balance and control. You will learn how to teach basic and intermediate exercises for the whole body, which you can incorporate into your mat classes to spice up your routines and help to increase client retention.

The small soft ball is a great addition to any studio session to assist in core strength, stability and control. This practical course will guide you through exercises for each body part, offering strength exercises for the abdominals, upper body, back and legs as well as mobility and stretches to improve flexibility.

This comprehensive course will cover basic and intermediate exercises with the Small Ball.

Modifications are shown where appropriate, with a clear focus on safe and effective technique.

There are 7 units for this online workshop consisting of 36 exercises comprising the following sections –

  • Stretches with the small ball
  • Leg exercises
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Back exercises and Upper body exercises
  • Teaching Skills
  • Special Populations
  • Health and safety


L3 Pilates Mat


No formal assessment for this workshop – online quizzes are provided within the course to check knowledge

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