Purpose is why you are here to grow as an instructor.

At Stages Indoor Cycling we believe our rides have so much power to not only teach our participants to ride with purpose but to live with purpose and accomplish things that go beyond each cycle class.

But with each cycle class a little purpose goes a long way. In this workshop, we will learn how to design our classes with a specific performance purpose. Learning how to coach our riders based on exercise physiology principles rather than just entertaining their way through 45 – 60 minutes.

They will keep coming back for more because they see real results and real progress. Who likes to pack their classes? Who like the time to fly by in your classes? You are going to have it all when you put purpose into practice.

We will start the workshop with a 1 hour presentation addressing all of the above subjects, this will be followed by a 45 minute practical ride where we illustrate real ideas where over a period of time you can deliver a class which will target every individual in your class. 

Aims of Outcomes 

Realize the importance of Purpose in helping our client’s achieve success

Understand how Purpose drives our class design

Understand the Physiology and 7 Training Zones

RIDE with a purpose!


EQF L3 Fitness Instructor (REPs Ireland) and Indoor cycling qualification



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