Feel like what you say in class is falling on deaf ears?

Cue-munication is more than just cheering for your participants or telling them what’s next. Partake in this practical session and experience the difference between inspiring vs. de-motivating communication based on the psychology of language.

Let’s Cue -municate.

We will start the workshop with a 1 hour presentation addressing all of the above subjects, this will be followed by a 45 minute practical ride where we illustrate real ideas where over a period of time you can deliver a class which will target every individual in your class.

 Aims of Outcomes 

Understand the role and impact that various theories and communication practices can have on the experience of participants in your indoor cycling classes.

Provide communication strategies and tools for participants to utilize in their indoor cycle classes to create a stronger impact on participants.

Understand the primary “languages” used in Indoor Cycling and how to leverage each of them effectively.

Begin a cueing library that encompasses many indoor cycling situations – from terrain changes to power coaching.


EQF L3 Fitness or Group Instructor (REPs Ireland)

Group Exercise Indoor Cycling Qualification



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