Course Aims: For learners to develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the Pilates Reformer machine and the exercises that can be performed on it.; To be able to apply this knowledge in developing a personal programme for a range of clients of differing needs and abilities

Course Outcomes: Learners will be able to instruct basic to intermediate Pilates exercises on the Reformer machine to accommodate clients of different ages and capabilities; Learners will be able to identify how to select and modify exercises for different client groups and be able to adapt or progress an exercise where necessary.The following series will be covered within this online course –

  • Footwork Series
  • Stretch Series
  • Feet in Straps Series
  • Long Box Series
  • Short Box Series
  • Mid Back Series
  • Rowing Series
  • Abdominal Series

You will learn the component parts of the Reformer and also the health and safety aspects.  This course will also cover class planning, fitness principles, adaptations and progressions and teaching skills.  Over 100 practical exercises are taught by Emma Newham, who has been teaching Pilates for almost 2 decades and has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.


Level 3 Pilates Mat


  • Online Quiz to check knowlege for theory
  • Video assessment of student teaching on the Pilates Reformer

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