On the course, you will review the biomechanics and key physical attributes for cycling, as well as review the typical injuries seen and their contributing factors. Applying sound training principles, you will also explore the development of a high level, cycling specific Pilates programme.


Attendees will learn and understand

  • the key aspects of cycling biomechanics and performance
  • the aetiology of cycling injuries and their contributing factors
  • the role of Pilates in the cycling training
  • how to effectively and appropriately train a cyclist using the APPI Pilates Method
  • the use of visualisation and various feedback methods to improve cycling performance
  • the manipulation of training dosage to elicit the appropriate training adaptation

Lectures will cover:

  • Cycling biomechanics and performance
  • Aetiology of cycling injuries
  • Role of APPI Pilates Method in cycling training
  • Management of training load

Workshops will cover:

  • Pilates for Cyclist class
  • Use of matwork Pilates with the cyclist
  • Use of small equipment with the cyclist
  • Case study and programme design


Level 3 mat-based Pilates



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