A 2 hour workshop. Feel like you are reaching those front row favourites, but struggling to connect with other attendees in your class? Everybody is different, through their genetic makeup, body type, nature and nurture.Through experience; we know that everyone will respond differently to your coaching and cues. How can we personalize our group experiences to cater to all members in our indoor cycling classes?

During this session, we look to explore the unique aspects and experiences of these members to get a lasting result, keep their energy high and their motivation higher.

We will start the workshop with a 1 hour presentation addressing all of the above subjects, this will be followed by a 45 minute practical ride where we illustrate real ideas where over a period of time you can deliver a class which will target every individual in your class. 


EQF L3 Fitness Instructor (REPs Ireland) with an Indoor cycling Qualification from any training provider. 



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