There’s never been a better time for you to complete your dry needling training with CPD Health Courses. More and more patients are asking to be treated using dry needling; they’ve heard about how fast and effective it is at relieving myofascial trigger points and are calling clinics to ask if they offer this treatment option.

Employers are also taking advantage of the massive growth and popularity of dry needling and are making sure that everyone in their team can offer this service.

We have trained over 5000 therapists from around the world. Our mission is to offer the safest dry needling training in the world. We have created a world-class platform to deliver evidence-based content that ensures everyone who attends our courses walk away feeling 100% safe in applying dry needling therapy, can quickly build on the confidence and, over time, become highly effective in treating myofascial pain.

Pay only £1 and get immediate access to our comprehensive and detailed online theory content (18 Hours). You can pay the balance before your practical course (18 Hours), where you’ll learn the safest grips, needling directions, location of caution points and surface anatomy.

Enjoy the convenience of completing your online theory when you want; each study module is supported by recommended practice exercises, course downloads and a muscle safety grid that summarises the key points for all the areas you’ll cover in your training.

  • Module 1: Introduction & Benefits of Dry Needling
  • Module 2: The History & Background of Dry Needling
  • Module 3: The Neurophysiology of Dry Needling
  • Module 4: Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Module 5: Safety & Risk Management
  • Module 6: Needling Techniques
  • Module 7: Safety Review Part 1
  • Module 8: Safety Review Part 2
  • Module 9: Safety Review Part 3
  • Module 10: DN Techniques & Conditions Part 1
  • Module 11: DN Techniques & Conditions Part 2
  • Module 12: Biotensegrity, Fibroblast activity & Research Analysis


Level 4 Sports Massage


Online Theory modules:

Practical test at the Practical Course

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