Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Exercise Learning outcomes

  • The skeletal system
  • Functional kinesiology
  • The muscular system
  • The nervous and endocrine systems
  • The respiratory system
  • The cardiovascular system
  • Energy systems
  • Postural and core stability
  • Flexibility and stretching

Applying the Principles of Nutrition to a Physical Activity Programme Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Digestion
  • Food labelling
  • Exercise nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Consult, communicate and goal set
  • Food reaction diary
  • The Harris Benedict Formula
  • Nutritional analysis and goals
  • Summary

Programming Personal Training with Clients Learning outcomes

  • Introduction to personal training
  • Appraisal and lifestyle analysis
  • Consultation and goal setting
  • Designing aerobic training programmes
  • Designing endurance and hypertrophy based resistance training programmes
  • Designing strength and power resistance based programmes
  • Personal training outside the gym
  • Periodisation
  • Safely training special populations
  • Fitness tests
  • Static health tests
  • Example training log

Delivering Personal Training Sessions Demonstrating Leadership skills Learning outcomes

  • Instructing and adapting exercise
  • Resistance training exercises – sagittal plane
  • Resistance training exercises – frontal plane
  • Resistance training exercises – transverse plane training exercises
  • Exercise for motor skills
  • Core training exercises
  • Assisted stretching


Recognised Level 2 Fitness Instructing Certificate


Multiple Choice Theory Papers and Practical Observed Assessment

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