To maintain healthy, stable and well-balanced hips, it is crucial to have both strength and mobility of the muscles.  This insightful workshop explores the hip joint and its common imbalances in today’s populations.  Learn how to create a program of exercises for improved mobility, stability, strength and balance around the hip. We will review selective and evolved Pilates movements, along with specific cueing and correction techniques to foster healthy hips!  We will also explore the use of the resistance loop bands for heightened feedback and precision in these Pilates exercises.

  • Review the anatomy and function of the hip joint and its common pathologies using current studies and resources
  • Understand the specific advice given to clients following surgical procedures such as arthroscopic surgery, labral repairs, hip replacements, including any common contra-indications or precaution to the use of Pilates exercises.
  • Learn exercises for hip mobility, stability and strength using specific cueing and handling techniques
  • Learn how to incorporate the Pilates resistance loops into your exercises
  • Learn specific sequences for generating healthy hips for your clients and how to modify according to any contra-indications


APPI Matwork Pilates Level One or the attendance at a 2 day matwork course at a recognised Pilates training institution is the pre-requisite for this course.

REPs members must have a recognised L3 Pilates qualification



Awarding Organisation: