Introducing this brand new offering from Burrell Education dedicated to supporting women who have birthed via C-Section, experienced a Hysterectomy and other Gynaecological/Female Surgeries that involve abdominal incisions. This 2-Day CPD aims to go further for the Soft Tissue Therapist serving and wanting to serve women in the sometimes challenging recovery period.

Unlike other offerings, we won’t only focus on the hands-on skills and indeed this education has 3 KEY elements:
Your education on the how’s and why’s of the major procedures so that you have a firm knowledge base to help educate your clients.

The emotional/psychological response to these surgical interventions that inform how a woman recovers on not just a physical but a psychological level. In this portion of the education we hear from the clinical practitioners involved in these surgeries and the experiences of women who have experienced these surgeries also.

Creating a small group practical and education offering for your current and prospective clients in your community that extends beyond a 1-1 hands-on session with the client. Because at some point, your clients might not need 1-1 and indeed every woman needs to know how to care for herself and your expertise can be more widely shared in a small group setting.

With a lot of the theoretical content taken ONLINE prior to the candidate attending the 2-Day LIVE education and an ‘eternal access filmed library’ of the techniques used in class, you’ll be able to literally take this class over and over again to truly hone your skills and create an offering that has the ability to transform the lives of your clients

The ONLINE Pre-Learning Content

  1.  The C-Section Procedure
  2.  The Hysterectomy Procedures
  3.  The Anatomy of the Abdominal Wall
  4.  The Tummy Tuck Procedure and Laproscopic Interventions
  5.  Collagen, Scar Tissue and Scar Formation and Adhesions
  6.  Guide to Abdominal Surgeries and Their Scars
  7.  Fascia and the Myofascial System/Myofasical Lines
  8.  The Phases of Wound Healing and Nutrition for Wound Healing
  9.  Abdominal/Pelvic Surgeries and Recovery – A Bio-Psycho-Emotional Perspective – What the textbooks don’t teach us!
  10.  The Midwife Clinicians View Point – The Emotional Impact of C-Section
  11.  The Women’s Stories – Interviews with women who have experienced abdominal surgeries and the after-effects.

The LIVE + Hands-On Content (Currently ONLINE due to COVID-19 with video submission assessment)

  1. Recovering Faulty Breathing Patterns Using Hands On and Visualization Strategies – Practical
  2. The Mechanics of Breathing
  3. The Power of Touch and Skin Mechanoreceptors
  4. Reconnecting the Core to the Breath = Local and Global Strategies
  5. Lifestyle and Nutrition and Connective Tissue Health
  6. Parasympathetic Training to Improve Vagal Tone and Assist Clients with Nervous System Downtraining
  7. Superficial and Deep Abdominal Massage/Soft Tissue Strategies
  8. Instrument Assisted Massage for Superficial Fascial and Scar Release
  9. Kineseotaping for Post Operative Odema
  10. STR (Soft Tissue Release) For Abdominal Adhesions and Trigger Points
  11. ‘Local to Global’ Scar Mobilization Strategies
  12. Application of Silicone Products
  13. Putting It All Together – Planning Your Therapy Session
  14. Putting It All Together – Planning Your Clients’ Home Care

The Post Course Content

  1.  An ETERNAL ACCESS, 35+ Video Library detailing the techniques used in the LIVE WEEKEND
  2.  A ‘share with your clients’ Self-Massage Scar, Abdomen, Water Retention and Constipation Video
  3.  A ‘share with your clients’ Anterior Lines Gentle Mobilization Video
  4.  Supportive Nutrition For Soft Tissue Recovery Video Presentation
  5. Video Submission Assessment


Pre-Requisites For Attendance:   You must already be a full certified and insured Massage/Soft Tissue Therapist (Any Discipline)

For STA Members the minimum prerequisite is L3 Sports Therapy


To pass this course you will need to pass an online multiple choice exam, 70% pass rate.

On completion of all online learning, there will be a video submission for your assessment of the course.  This will be completed after being fully supported by your two tutors and support your distance learning and learning via zoom.

Awarding Organisation: