• Day One – At the Barre.  Advanced BarreConcept masterclass taught by master instructor.  Conditioning and flexibility exercises taught with the use of the barre.  Variations and modifications covered for general health issues.  Group and partner work at the end of the day to teach a short barre routine for a healthy individual from the week 5 lesson plan provided.  Teach the devised routine to your partner. Exercise to music skills cover working to the beat and phrase of the music.  Advanced cueing skills and counting down along with relevant teaching points taught when working to the beat.
  • Day Two – In the Centre.  Beginners BarreConcept short class taught by master instructor.  Warm up routine and choreography ideas.  Teach the warm up routine to your students to the beat and phrase of the music.  Floor work.  Abdominal, leg, back and upper body exercises.  Recap on pilates core principles, pelvic floor etc.  A range of abdominal and upper body exercises will be taught along with appropriate modifications and variations.  Devise a floor routine involving abdominal and upper body exercises and teach your partner, whilst working to the beat and phrase of the music.


  • Level 3 Pilates Teacher
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music


  • Assessment One – Theory Paper.  This consists of 16 questions about the exercises you will learn on the course with a 80% pass mark.
  • Assessment Two – Practical Exam by video assessment.  You will learn the choreographed exam lesson plan routine on the course.  You must teach this lesson routine to a minimum of 6 participants.

Awarding Organisation: