• The day will meet the needs of already qualified L4 PSI’s (falls prevention) and also account for the scope of practice of exercise instructors who do not hold the L4 PSI qualification but do hold qualifications to work with older people/are already delivering floor based exercises to older people.
  • Summary of evidence background, insight/review of the prevalence of falls and consequences of a long-lie
  • Strength and balance in context of ageing, across the life course
  • Missed opportunities for education, information and behaviour change in relation to maintaining this critical skill
  • Discussion and problem solving for potential solutions for a range of age related changes and comorbidities.
  • The day will be largely practical with some use of paper resources/no power-point presentations – we prefer to get moving and to get on down (to make friends with the floor
  • Review (effectiveness of) strength and balance exercise performed on the floor and floor coping strategies
  • Review emergency action procedures/problem solving associated with group exercise settings


L3 Older adult and or L4 PSI



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