A two day workshop exploring the use of matwork, small equipment (Theraband, Swiss Ball, foam roller) Pilates exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of the pregnant client. Aimed at the healthy and fit client, this workshop covers suitable and effective exercises to develop the strength and fitness of your client. Covering the physiological adaptations to exercise during pregnancy and the current guidelines to exercise during pregnancy, this course will enable participants to increase the performance of your client. This course is designed to give participants the confidence and knowledge to train healthy clients during pregnancy. Please note this course is not an injury management course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will learn and understand the physiological and structural changes that occur during pregnancy in relation to exercise capacity
  • The benefits of aerobic and resistance exercise during pregnancy
  • The current guidelines to exercise during pregnancy
  • The role of Pilates during the various stages of pregnancy in the healthy client
  • The training sessions during stages of pregnancy

How it will be achieved:

Lectures will cover:

  • A review of the physiological changes during pregnancy
  • Benefits to aerobic and resistance exercises
  • Guidelines to exercise during pregnancy
  • Strength programs during pregnancy

Workshop will cover:

  • Screening of the pregnant client
  • Use of matwork Pilates with the pregnant client
  • Use of small equipment with the pregnant client
  • Class and Session structure during Pregnancy
  • Case study and programme design

During this course:

  • Lectures on the physiological, bio-mechanical and postural changes that occur during the childbearing year will be related to the adaption and application of APPI Pilates exercises.
  • You will be presented with specific obstetric conditions and the relevant management with APPI Pilates.
  • Guidelines to exercise in pregnancy (including Ante and Post natal class plans) will be provided.
  • Appropriate exercise including the use of the resistance band and ball will be taught.


Level 3 mat-based Pilates

Level 3 Ante/Post Natal



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