Introducing a brand new Advanced Post Natal Wellness Practitioner – Level 2 from Burrell Education in association with Sofie Jacobs (Urban Hatch – Midwife) and with contributions from Michelle Lyons (Celebrate Mulliebrity – Women’s Health Physiotherapy)

This brand new 2020 Global Online Certification, suitable for Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Birth Preparation Coaches, Doulas, Physiotherapy professionals serving women in their Post Birth life phase, aims to break new ground in terms of its MULTI-DISCIPLINARY depth and breadth of content, delivery, practical application, business building and support for the enrolled professional.

What does it truly take to serve the modern mom after giving birth? What does it take to truly complete the circle of care for this woman in the modern world? Probably a lot more than we were originally led to believe through our original certifications which in general are highly focused on theory, cautions and contraindications as opposed to the wonder of ‘what’s possible’, practical application and the potential to do ‘great work’ whilst developing a nurturing and supportive partnership with the women we serve.


This course is suitable for:-

Fitness Professionals/Yoga Practitioners/Pilates Practitioners/Physiotherapists/Ante/Post Natal Birth Educators/Nurses/Midwives and ultimately……….all advanced passionate professionals who want to go deeper and really improve their service, worth and offering to the Post Birth woman

To claim CPD points, STA members must have a minimum of L3 Sports Therapy


Informal Multiple Choice End of Module Tests (10 – 20 Questions) will be available for candidates to take on-line after each Module has ended with a pass mark of 75% per test.

Awarding Organisation: