With this 16-hour live blended online plus hands–on intensive instructor course, we’ll make you fit to use the 4DPRO ® bungee trainer in gym, personal training, group training and physiotherapy efficiently and with fun.

Target group: This course is open to Personal and fitness trainers, athletic and club trainers, physiotherapists and sports coaches and enthusiasts.

After the course you ‘ll be familiar with the versatility and uniqueness of the 4D PRO® Bungee trainer and are familiar with a variety of exercises. In addition, you have the first approach to adapt them to different levels of performance and use them in 1:1 training or even small group training.

What you will learn on the course:

  • Scientific basics of the 4D PRO® Bungee.
  • Advantages and core elements of the elastic 4D PRO ® full-body training
  • Fascia training with the 4D PRO®
  • Construction and safety
  • Practical application and training with the 4D PRO® bungee trainer
  • Quickstart and basic positions
  • Adaptation of the 4D PRO® training to different training levels
  • Progression and regression options when training with the 4D PRO ®
  • Training modes S, A and F modes in the application
  • Example workout
  • Practical Assessment


  • Certified 4D PRO® Instructor
  • Following 100% attendance at the workshop and successful assessment completion

In 2011, Dr. Homayun Gharavi (MD,PHD) developed the 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer, an elastic training device that combines strength with flexibility. The intensity and quality of the training can be optimally adapted to the athlete’s needs, picking up everyone from ultra­-fit pro to athletes who are returning to training and competition after injury.

4D PRO bungee training is a serious workout, with which everyone – from the less trained to the professional sportsman – sees success quickly. Though originally created to rehabilitate top-level athletes, today 4D PRO is used by fitness enthusiasts in gym chains and training facilities around the globe.

The Original! 4D PRO® Bungee Trainer. You cannot beat this fun and energetic group training workout! Add it to your fitness Club or Studio and give you members something amazing to workout with and build the boutique community on-site.


EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor or Aerobics instructor is required for REPS Ireland members wanting to claim CPD points.


Practically Assessed

Awarding Organisation: