This course is designed to provide physical activity and exercise instructors, teachers and instructors with both theoretical perspectives and practical applications to increase access and participation for people living with dementia.

The course aims to provide the participant with:

  • An understanding of the dementia journey and the potential of physical activity experiences for people living with dementia
  • Information on the impact of physical activity and exercise participation on the dementia journey
  • The opportunity to develop skills required to adapt programmes for people living with dementia and their care–givers
  • The opportunity to reflect upon their current practice, take action and seek further information.

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the dementia journey and the potential of physical activity and exercise
  • Identify how participation in programmes can be affected by dementia and increased by adaptations to leadership strategies
  • Demonstrate how to adapt leadership strategies to enhance access to programmes
  • Identify, though reflection, the next steps required for further leadership development
  • Know where to access additional information and support.

The course comprises a mixture of theory and practical activities and is designed to cover the following content:

Session 1 – Understanding people living with dementia and physical activity

  • Reflective task – living with dementia, physical activity and the journey
  • Priorities for people living with dementia – the evidence
  • Can physical activity make a difference for people living with dementia?

Session 2 – Programme planning – principles

  • Person centred planning – the dementia journey and case studies
  • Problem solving – communication skills and activities
  • The person and the environment

Session 3 – Communication and leadership skills

  • Problem solving (cont.)
  • Key programme components – aerobic activity, strength and balance
  • Motivation and the role of the informal carer

Session 4 – Additional leadership skills and activities

  • Key programme components (cont.)
  • Walking – guidance
  • Evaluation strategies

Next steps for participants, resources and further information, reflection on practice and action planning.


Hold a minimum L2 fitness qualification and working in partnership with stakeholders/partners in accessing physical activity opportunities for people living with dementia.



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